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Marfa, Texas

The town of Marfa is located 50 miles west of Marathon, or 20 miles west of Alpine Texas on Hwy 90,  between Big Bend National Park and the Davis Mountains to the north. The county seat of Presidio County, the town of Marfa, once a thriving cattle community has drawn considerable attention in recent years in the art circles due in large part for it being the home of the Judd Foundation and the Chianti Foundation, both dedicated in maintaining the legacy of minimalist artist Donald Judd.

Marfa is also known for the El Paisano Hotel which housed the cast and crew during the making of the 1956 film ‘Giant’ starring Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.

Of particular interest for the Golf enthusiast, at an elevation of 4882’, Marfa Municipal Golf Course boasts the highest golf course in Texas!

Marfa Mystery Lights

Considerable attention has been drawn to a particular phenomenon known as the 'Marfa Lights.'  These lights of unknown origin have been reported since the late 1800s by cowboys, ranchers and just passerby’s on the nearby Hwy 67. Thought to be anything ranging from gases, to St. Elmo’s fire to the spirit of the Indian Chief Alsate and his men, and featured on the Weather Channel and Unsolved Mysteries, a definitive explanation has yet been offered. Since there is no guarantee the Marfa Lights will make a showing on any given night, we recommend, the more wine you bring, the better your odds become.......

The Marfa Lights viewing center is located approx. 10 miles east of Marfa, or 10 miles west of Alpine on Hwy 90. A video of the Marfa Lights can be viewed at the Apache Trading Post located on the west end of Alpine Texas.

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